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As with all specialties with ISO Splash, a number of charities are identified to be supported by our studio. As the flagship focus niche, ISO furry is proud to be celebrating a major, pro-bono project started in 2013 called “Hearts for the Humane.” With phenomenal exposure and success with helping to place dozens of rescue companion pets, we excited to be launching the 2014 Hearts for the Humane Project with the incredible support of Two Bostons Pet Boutique and Autumn Green Animal Hospital.

Finding Forever Homes

There is no shortage of companion pet rescues that are in dire need of finding their forever homes. Similarly, there is no shortage of support several animal welfare non-profits truly need to help with the care and journey these companion pet rescues take- hopefully concluding with a destination of a loving forever home. This unfortunate reality is faced with many constant challenges including but not limited to:

  • Help with professionally photographing companion pet rescues so that they can be presented with the best possible chances for adoption
  • Help needed to amplify the voice of dozens of animal welfare charities in local communities that can lead to more adoptions, more support, and more volunteer recruitment
  • Help to raise awareness about some of the atrocities and hardships these companion pet rescues have endured
  • Help with professional and organizational resources welcoming new rescue pet owners into a community of support and kindred hearts

ISO Furry companion pet photography recognizes these challenges and wants to help. In partnership with Two Bostons, and the Autumn Green Animal Hospital. ISO Furry has happy to announce  the “2014 Hearts for the Humane” project. Ramping up to a monthly frequency in 2014, ISO Furry will be selecting a different animal welfare charity to create professional portraits of rescue companion pets with their organization’s volunteers and/or staff. The mission of the Hearts for the Humane Project is to artistically communicate the compassion and love we can all have for rescue companion pets who each have a story and each need their forever home. We believe that these professionally created companion pet rescue portraits will help to bring together other partnering organizations and welcome candidate forever homes who are taking action and making a difference.

Building on Success: 2013 Hearts for the Humane Highlights

Even in its pilot year, we were able to generate a significant amount of awareness and action for dozens of rescues! Some of the highlights include:

  • Over 800,000 views and thousands of shares as a result of this project posting images on Facebook
  • Several out- of- state exposure, shares, and inquiries
  • Dozens of successful adoptions for several rescues
  • Professionally retouched companion pet portraits for each participating rescue organization to help further their cause
  • Follow-up fundraising activities, including raising over $700 for Magnificent Mutts in a “Groom & Pose” Event
  • Two Bostons becoming involved and donating a signature collar for each longest standing rescue of each animal welfare charity
  • Canine Corner & Kitty Boutique offering complimentary grooming for all featured rescues if needed
  • Motivation for other supporting companion pet businesses to help further rescue efforts

Furthering Each Amazing Animal Welfare Charity’s Cause

Customized, professional images used for commercial purposes can be very expensive- especially to non-profit organizations and even more so for grass-roots, home-based rescue organizations. Despite amazing efforts by dedicated volunteers and staff, there still remains a constant struggle to have their respective rescue groups not only known to potential adopting homes, but also to potential volunteers.

To help address this issue, each animal welfare charity selected by ISO Furry will be given a social media collection from their photo session. This social media collection will include the re-mastered images taken from the rescue companion pet portraits re-sized for Facebook, Email newsletters, web site & marketing needs. In addition, an animated slideshow will be created to be viewed online as well as via smartphone. Valued at over $1,000, ISO Furry is happy to donate time, talent, and heart into this extra effort for amplifying the voice for each animal charity participating in the Hearts for the Humane project.

Sponsor Involvement- Support without Monetary Funding

The Hearts for the Humane Project does not require any funding from project sponsors. The support we are seeking is simply a commitment to consistently share with your respective community of clients the beautiful companion portraits that are being created to accelerate chances of adoption. Building on the momentum from last year, this form of support will be provided by project sponsors in 2 forms- both online and offline media.

Online Media will obviously be a critical component to get the word out about the rescues that need their forever homes. For example, being able to see supporters mobilize and do things such as generate over 10,000 views in a single day to help find Bernie find his forever home instead of being “kicked out” of a kennel is nothing short of wonderful. All images will cite and link to the project sponsor FB pages which will result in great exposure for the support you are providing.

Offline Media will be something new for the 2014 Project Sponsors. We are looking to create beautiful wall art décor for the rescue organizations being featured throughout the year. A “Rotating Exhibit” of wall art arrangements can be created and shared across different project sponsors to leave a lasting impression for clients and staff that frequent your physical locations. Similar to the wall art arrangements that are featured at the ISO Splash Home Studio gallery, these arrangements will have written stories that are meant to welcome and communicate a beautiful, power message about the community that we are all a part of. It is also a great way to amplify and re-introduce the causes behind these animal rescues organizations in a unique, creative light.

 There is obviously an opportunity for positive exposure with both the animal rescues featured as well as the signature style of ISO Furry wall art décor. Our studio is passionate about supporting several pro bono projects on an ongoing basis, and we believe that there is a benefit to showcasing companion pet images from various rescues for current and potential supporters to celebrate and cherish. This wall art arrangement décor will be provided by ISO furry as a gift to the project sponsors, with the opportunity to rotate the arrangements on an annual or semi-annual basis.