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Recommendations for Ramon Nayar

Diane Soares (Co-founder, Chicagoland Lab Rescue)

Ramon is such a talented photographer and artist. His unique style to each photo adds a personal touch unlike any other photographer. Ramon gets to know the personalities of the people and pets and brings them all together perfectly with each shot. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts at Chicagoland Lab Rescue for all of your wonderful work in helping us get the perfect pictures to help place some of our longest fostered dogs such as Ziggy and Luke!

Kris Santoyo (Volunteer of Magnificent Mutts Animal Rescue)

Ramon’s photography work is outstanding. We worked with Ramon on his Hearts for the Humane project. It was a pleasure to work with Ramon on a project that helped us raise awareness for such a great cause- Pet Adoption! He has an exceptional ability to capture the perfect moment, with his creative eye, and results are remarkable. The photos and the storytelling captions he produced were a great asset to help find homes for our homeless pets. He is sincere, professional, and passionate about his work. We are looking forward to working together in the future.

I would highly recommend working with ISO Furry and ISO Splash on your next endeavor.

Angela Ciarlette (Co-Founder of Safely Home Canine Rescue)

Ramon did an amazing job capturing the spirit of our rescue dogs. Not only does he capture them in his photographs but his description of the dog & the bond we humans have with them brought tears to my eyes. He was beyond patient while trying to get wiggly, happy dogs to sit still. He made the photo shoot so much fun. We are so blessed & honored to be part of Ramon’s project & passion to help homeless animals find their happy ever after. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts & paws!!

Carolyn Mossberger (Executive Director at West Suburban Humane Society)

Ramon is an enthusiastic supporter of the West Suburban Humane Society and our mission. He has donated his time and services to give the homeless animals in our care a better chance of finding their forever homes. He has offered photo specials and donated the proceeds raised to the shelter. He is a real asset and we are proud to be associated with Ramon and his company ISO Splash

Heather Alderman (President of Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation)

Ramon captured remarkable images of the 2013 Pillars Ball. He is more than a photographer – he is truly an artist. He is caring, intuitive, cause driven and generous. His photographs convey the essence of the subject becoming keepsakes for a lifetime. Having visited his studio and having seen the portraiture work he does with children and families, I know this is another area of strength for Ramon. He does not just capture family images, he captures a moment in time for a lifetime.

Irene Ly Mison Estores
We bring ourselves, our being, to our work. Ramon’s photos reflect not only technical mastery and a good eye, but more so, it reflects a good heart. It is a heart that yearns for meaning, reaches out in compassion, and dances with joy. I’m so proud of your growth, and know that this is only the beginning! I can’t wait to have your work on my walls to bring hope and healing to my patients!

Diane Stanton
Ramon is AWESOME!!! We only had our puppy “Corkey” a few days when we had our photo session with Ramon outside last fall season. He was patient with both Corkey and our 8 year old son, as well as with my husband and me. The results were stunning! We had no idea he had taken so many pictures of us! The camera was clicking away as we were all chatting and having a great time. He took great individual pictures as well as family pictures of all of us. I’m not easy to get a good picture of anymore because of a lazy eye, but Ramon even took a great one of me! I tend to hide from the camera now that I am nearing 50!!! My husband, who is also somewhat uncomfortable with photo sessions, had a great time in the photo shoot and we have the most natural impromptu picture of Corkey nipping at his nose! It puts a smile on everyone’s face every time they see the photo! Our son’s picture w/Corkey is soft and touching. It will be a treasure for a lifetime! Thanks Ramon! Poses that the inexperienced wouldn’t even think of taking turn out to be the most precious pictures when taken by Ramon. He has lots of patience and knows to keep clicking for the perfect picture! I highly recommend his work!

Joline Girdham
Ramon is such an incredible photographer. His approach to capturing his subjects in a “natural” setting with real emotions is unique and powerful. The beautiful images he captured of me and my dogs brought tears to my eyes. His passion and expertise for what he does really show not only in the finished product but also in the way he is able connect with his clients (both people and ones of a furry nature). He is a true professional with the greatest sense of humor that will make children and adults totally at ease.

Maria Roca‐Bey
I have known Ramon for more than ten years and consider myself incredibly fortunate to watch his career grow and evolve into ISO Splash. Ramon has captured many favorite memories and moments with my family and pets on film and I have decorated and built my home around those amazing creations. Every time I look at a Ramon photograph it brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart.

Amy Hagino
I have known Ramon for many years and have always admired his drive and creativity. His compassionate nature allows him to connect with his subjects and put them at ease thereby creating the perfect setting to capture some amazing photos! It’s no surprise that my infant son (who is difficult to photograph) took to him immediately and started to grin. Ramon also has a great sense of humor ‐‐ just read some of his photo descriptions for proof!

Aimee Lesatz Grover
It is not only the photos you are getting when you hire a photographer it is also the heart, soul, and personality of the one behind the camera. Ramon is one of the most caring and thoughtful people I know, and he directs these qualities into every photo he takes. He has taken shots of both my family and my pets and he has only added to the session rather than distract from it like other photographers we have experienced. That is why I would recommend Ramon and ISO Splash to anyone for any photography needs.

Angsuman Dutta
I have been to several of Ramon’s photography shows and had the opportunity to experience his photographs firsthand. He is an exceptional photographer/artist. He is a master at capturing human emotions through his lens. He combines imagination, poems and creativity with technical skills to illustrate the key ideas of his subjects. People and their pets are his primary subjects. While he has done a good number of color photography, I like his black and white photographs the most. He has done photography for a number of non‐profit and charity organizations. His photographs have been featured on a number of magazines and are highly rated at a various forums. I will highly recommend him

Esther Gilbert
When you experience a viewing of Ramon’s work you are transported to wherever the photos were taken. I have been to Africa and in his back yard! He captures each of his subjects in the best way. There is a true sense of professionalism in his work. I would highly recommend ISO Splash Photography & Design for all of your photographic needs.

Jeff Czischke
“I have known Ramon for 13+ years from my college years. I have seen him grow in his photography from taking photos as a hobby to becoming a high demand photographer. Ramon takes his photography very seriously and puts all of his creative knowledge into each project. To say Ramon is “passionate” about his photography is an understatement. He captures some of the most amazing pictures that truly captures the essence of the moment. Each photo he delivers is carefully selected so that you will not be disappointed. All I can say is that you will find yourself saying, “Wow, that’s amazing! How did you get that shot?”