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I am a cause-driven artist that uses photography and creative writing as tools for my passion to tell stories. The purpose of creating and growing this studio business is to increase the amount of pro-bono work that I do year over year. Celebrating the bond between companion pets and their humane counterparts, I believe that understanding that form of compassion brings out the best in our human nature. Consequently, animal welfare and volunteerism with companion pets are very special to me. This passion led me to create my own project entitled “Hearts for the Humane.” Each month, I photograph a different rescue organization and retouch portraits for up to 5 of the featured rescues that are up for adoption. My signature color style, unique crop sizes, and composition narratives have helped influence dozens of adoptions since March. Because of FB sharing to help spread the word, we have received over 250,000 views from these companion pet portraits.

There are other causes that are important to me- including the well-being and support for children. I am a volunteer photographer for Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep as well as for Flashes of Hope. I have also created images that have been used for national brochures such as Pray for the Children. My dream would be to travel once a year for international commercial assignments while taking on pro-bono projects at those locations at the same time. I would then use these images and written stories to have my work be exhibited in different galleries and spread awareness on causes that are close to my heart.

My client work is a more intimate and in-depth experience, resulting in hand finished painted frames and keepsake books with narratives to truly share stories that inspire, uplift, or move us with emotion. I also have niche specialties in infant/childhood portraits, commercial branding photography, and special consideration projects (anything outside of my niches that does have a compelling story to tell).

Please consider me for a commissioned art project for 2 primary reasons. First of all, I would like to be commissioned for my work because it is excellent work that spares no level of detail as an overall arrangement of a story that inspires, uplifts, or moves. Secondly, I would like to be commissioned for my work because of my heart that stands behind a greater purpose to share these stories created with others.