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About ISO Furry

ISO Furry
a specialty of ISO Splash Photography

To bring artistic, emotionally-inspired companion pet image collections to the homes of animal lovers that truly tell the story behind their beautifully shared bond.

And You Know…
There is a unique connection that we animal lovers are more than familiar with. It’s that feeling of knowing that another living creature loves and adores us in his or her own special way. It could be the start of a morning routine or the occasional “cuddle up” moments which might involve a meow or a tail wagging of sorts. Or, maybe it’s the greeting gesture of your furry family member several years old, but all you see is the puppy or kitten they once were. And let’s not discount the majestic nature of the equine family members too. Companion pets are the special members of the family. They have personalities that we’ve grown to adore over time and countless expressions. They have forever touched our lives and either introduced or reinforced the true value of being humane and humans.

ISO Furry was created to capture reflections of that bond through beautiful, emotionally engaging image collections. These collections tell a story that can be as personal to the home owner and as liberal to the guest who would easily take notice of wall art decor with humane affection.

As with all specialties of ISO Splash Photography & Design, ISO Furry is committed to spreading awareness about related issues, such as pet adoption and volunteering with companion pets to make the world a better place.